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Achievements / Success Stories. An Introduction to pachinko outlets actually produced

Knowledge and Services Only UNIX Can Provide. With this confidence, we reach beyond the highest standards of success.

Compared to when Pachinko businesses were first produced, the external appearance, interior design and services offered at entertainment centers have developed considerably.
In our quest to bring our clients success and prosperity, we strive to introduce new pachinko outlets without the use of pre-existing models, and instead, apply our own unique knowledge and business designs. This business approach has developed into an asset that is unique to UNIX. As such, UNIX continues to significantly improve and redefine the Pachinko market.
UNIX focuses on the development of personal relationships, and strives to keep one step ahead of the competition with innovative and high standard proposals.

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UNIX Incorporated : Our company UNIX provides support to those who wish to transform existing businesses into successful Pachinko outlets. We provide real estate assessments, construction and development, design services, and assistance with securing finance.

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