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Investor Recruitment Content
Investment Information for Pachinko Industries – A high return, low risk venture.
What is Pachinko?
For Foreign Investors: Pachinko, The King of Entertainment in Japan.
Industry Info
Market size, condition, and investment environment in Pachinko industry.
News Release
Information Releases for Investors Regarding the Pachinko Industry.
Corporate Profile
UNIX's role in the opening of newly established Pachinko outlets.
Message From The President
To prospective investors, from the President of UNIX.
Business Content
UNIX's business content; knowledge and services.
Achievements / Success Stories
An Introduction to pachinko outlets actually produced by UNIX.
Submit and Inquiry
If you wish to submit an inquiry or request for information regarding investment opportunities, click here.
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UNIX Incorporated : Our company UNIX provides support to those who wish to transform existing businesses into successful Pachinko outlets. We provide real estate assessments, construction and development, design services, and assistance with securing finance.

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