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Pachinko The most popular pastime in town.


Pachinko first came to Japan in 1920, from the USA, introduced as Bagatelle. It was an instant hit, and widely loved by all, known to the Japanese as Kolinto Game.

The Pachinko machine consists of a decorative board, fastened with many nail-like objects, and a series of holes positioned perpendicularly to the nail pattern. A Pachinko ball is flicked, using a lever, to the top of the board. The ball, while descending and striking the nails, either enters one of the holes or strikes a digital sensor. If a ball enters a hole, more balls are released to the player.

After WWII, a new system started, in which the balls that player's acquired could be exchanged for various prizes or cash winnings. The fun and gambling-like nature of the game quickly became very popular among the Japanese public. A later modification enabled several balls to be flicked at once, by simply turning the machine handle.

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Technological innovations have now equipped machines with animations, advanced audio-visual aids and digital scoreboards. Similar to American-style slot machines, many balls are dispensed when the Pachinko machines' rotating dials hits 3 of the same image.

Recently, adding to Pachinko machines, operators have introduced actual slot machines from Las Vegas, USA, with great success. The difference between American style slot machines and Japanese slot machines is that in the former machines, the dials stop automatically, whereas the Japanese style slots allow for player control.

American-style slot machines, upon coin insertion and the pulling of a lever, generate dials that stop automatically. However, the Japanese counterparts are controlled manually, requiring three inputs, thus with some player skill involved. This style of play is more attractive to the Japanese market because of the operational skill involved.

Some of our pachinko associates have strived to offer more attractive prizes, for players seeking to cash in their accumulated pachinko balls. Players, as well as observers, are offered a wide array of food and beverages, served by cart to each customer's booth. Some outlets offer players cafes, restaurants, massage services and reading lounges. Recently, more and more outlets have found it fashionable to provide foot spa for observers or players in recess. As the pachinko industry grows, outlets have developed synergies with plazas, shopping complexes, movie theatres, bowling halls, amusement parks and internet cafes, as well as establishing stand alone locations.

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