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We provide a value that is unique to our company. We offer our clients dynamic proposals that ensure the development of strong and prosperous relationships.

We conduct our business based on the following guiding principles: 1.If I was the president of a pachinko parlor, what kind of business partner would I like to have? 2.If I was a customer of a pachinko outlet, what kind of pachinko outlet would I like to frequent?

Our production starts with extensive consultation with our clients to determine what their highest aspirations are. Then, case by case, our specialists strive to create a concept that provides unique and lasting business solutions. From the initial planning and strategizing, to the grand opening of each pachinko outlet, we seek to adhere to the customers' original design. UNIX's operating principle is to skillfully maneuver any diversion we may encounter in the course of creating our customer's designs.

Our business mission is to create what pachinko store operators and customers expect, and more.

In our creation of pachinko outlets, each store is unique, with a distinct character that is sure to leave a lasting impression on customers. Our guiding policy, which has earned UNIX a first-rate reputation, is to manufacture the visions of pachinko operators and customers. Lasting and prosperous relationships with our clients have been the source of our continuing success.

We consider business continuity and prosperity to be concepts that originate from the satisfaction and success of customers. By utilizing the accumulated experiences of our investors and clients, we will continue to move forward as a successful entity, with high hopes and relentless determination.

The President: Satoru Tsubotani

UNIX Incorporated
The President: Satoru Tsubotani

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UNIX Incorporated : Our company UNIX provides support to those who wish to transform existing businesses into successful Pachinko outlets. We provide real estate assessments, construction and development, design services, and assistance with securing finance.

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