Investor Recruitment, Pachinko. UNIX Incorporated - UNIX provides support to those who wish to transform existing businesses into successful Pachinko outlets. UNIX creates the opportunity for high return, low risk investments for its clients.

Investment Information for Pachinko Industries - A high return, low risk venture. secure profit.

The Pachinko industry produces higher rental returns than traditional residential investments

UNIX specializes in the opening of newly established Pachinko outlets by providing a wide array of services. UNIX is now recruiting investors worldwide.

The greatest attraction of investing in the Pachinko business is the high return on investments.

With the help of UNIX, investors can avoid risks associated with other types of investments.

Those who have interest in investing in the Pachinko industry can contact us for further information.

Guide To Investment

Best Business Solutions Connecting Investors, Land Owners and Pachinko Operators.

At prospective pachinko outlets, operators and investors meet with land owners to discuss the purchase or rental of land. Investors are then free to build an outlet and rent to pachinko operators. Thus, the opportunity is there to earn substantial returns on both land investments and pachinko operations.

*Land contracts are available for 10 to 20 year terms. All land rentals are governed by Japanese law.

*Rental of outlets shall be exercised in 10 year contracts, inclusive of security deposits.

Ideal Investment Schemes

(Rate of Return on Investment)

Land 8-10%
Building 13-20%

*Depending on the contract length (10-20 years) the rate of return will vary.
(Re-contracting is negotiable.)

Necessary Expenditures

Real Estate

Purchase & Sales

Land Rental For Business Operations

(1)Capital required for purchase and sale of real estate

(2)Real Estate Fees

(3)Taxation of Purchase and Sales of Real Estate

(1)Rental Deposits and Damage Deposits

(2)Real Estate Fees


*Upon negotiation with pachinko operators

(1)Total Building Costs (including building of foundation, land demarcation and interior design)

Merits of Investing, Risks of Investing

Merits of Investing in the Pachinko Industry (Return on Investments Compared to Other Industries)

Compared to typical investments in other real estate ventures, one can expect high returns from investing in the Pachinko industry.

Associated Risks of Investing in the Pachinko market

In the event that a Pachinko outlet files for bankruptcy, the investor will retain the security and rental deposits.

There are rare occasions of Pachinko bankruptcy, where investors will not receive fees that exceed the initial rental deposits, but since this is several months' worth, losses can be minimized.

The merit of employing UNIX is to avoid typical investment risks.

Although pachinko companies are not publicly traded, the gross profits and rates of returns are comparable to those of the automobile industry.

Recently, the pachinko industry has experienced a plateau in attendance rates, however, many outlets have withstood this challenge due to a firm customer base and established community relations, and, as such, the financial status of the operations have remained sound.

UNIX, with the help of financial advisors and legal council, has published financial statements that forecast a promising future. UNIX can introduce companies that are staffed by professional and reliable members of the community.

In the instance of pachinko bankruptcy, to avoid loss of investments and rental revenue, UNIX will strive to perform a detailed investigation and analysis of the location and market factors, to assess ongoing potential. In the rare instance of bankruptcy, UNIX will strive to find new rental occupants, in order to secure investors' rental fees.

For further inquiries, or information regarding current investment opportunities, please click here.

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UNIX Incorporated : Our company UNIX provides support to those who wish to transform existing businesses into successful Pachinko outlets. We provide real estate assessments, construction and development, design services, and assistance with securing finance.

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